i like pandas :)


yu barom no

Barom has always been unnecessarily attractive

that wink STOP

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Reasons why Choi Junhong needs to be stopped: killer jaw


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theabearr said: hi! do you know my other mangas that are like "stand up! by yamakawa aiji"? ^.^


Hello ^w^

I would recommend:

  • Hibi chouchou
  • Horimiya
  • Bokura ga ita
  • Lovely complex
  • Kimi ni todoke
  • True love
  • Kyou no kira kun

Stand up! manga is focus on the main couple + it has a pure love story, and I recommended those two type previously. So for names, click here for the first type and here for the second ^w^

janghaeree said: Do you know any mangas/animes like Lovely Complex? Not too much love triangle drama or anything like that. A manga or anime that's full of comedy and sweetness like Lovely Complex? :)


Hello !

Alright, sweet love story and/or comedy series and no triangle drama !


  • Stand up !
  • Dengeki daisy
  • Last game
  • Horimiya
  • Mishounen produce
  • Hatsukare

Both (anime and manga, you can choose):

  • Kaichou wa maid sama
  • Itazura na kiss
  • Kodomo no Omocha
  • Kimi ni todoke
  • Soredemo sekai wa utsukushii
  • Bokura ga ita
  • Tonari no kaibutsu kun

Those in bold are, in my opinion, the most similar to Lovely complex as you asked !

hope this helps^^